2022 Porsche Macan EV Is in Development Stage


The new generation of Porsche Macan is just around the corner. Basically, thousands of enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for an official dossier about the next-gen 2022 Porsche Macan model.

The new SUV from the latest information will be introduced this year, featuring many upgrades over its predecessor. The most exciting news is that Porsche will introduce a new PPE dedicated EV platform developed with Audi. That means there will be offered both battery-electric modes and conventional, gas-powered Macan. Porsche also claims that Electric Macan will arrive next year, possibly as a 2022/23 model.

2022 Porsche Macan Renderings

The new renderings of the upcoming 2022 Porsche Macan EV reveal some mild redesign. For 2022, the same lines are present, and the most exciting things are happening on the front of this SUV.

Considering that this is an all-electric model, the manufacturer makes some changes up front, closing the grille. Generally, most electric SUVs have a closed grille, considering that there is no need for some extra cooling. However, the Macan EV is still in the early development stage, the final version might gain some changes. As we mentioned, the latest Macan shares the same PPE dedicated EV platform with the Taycan model. Besides that, everything remains, and Macan still features the same side profile as the full taillights bar on the back.

More Luxurious Interior

Porsche`s most popular model, the Macan, will bring more luxurious styling inside. However, like the regular model, the EV will keep the same seating layout. It features two rows of seats, providing enough room for five passengers. With the 40/20/40 rear seat in the up position, the current Porsche Macan has 17.7 cubic feet of cargo space on the back. Folding seats down, figure increase to 53 cubic feet.

Based on many rumors, the electric model will gain an entirely new cabin. That means there will be a new dashboard featuring a more extensive infotainment system and more soft touches. We should also expect standard equipment like power front seats, tri-zone climate control, lane-departure warning system, cruise control, and a navigation system.

2022 Porsche Macan EV interior

2022 Porsche Macan Engine Details

Sharing the same PPE platform as the Taycan model, the new Macan will get some modifications. Moreover, a platform that is used can place the batteries under the floor and between the axles. On top of that, the next Macan will be available with rear- or all-wheel drive with a single or dual electric motor.

Using the same system as we saw on the Taycan and E-Tron models, the new Macan will have the 800-volt fast-charging capability and incredible performance. Generally, many belives that Macan will provide a better range than the Audi. If you cannot remember, the E-Tron model features a battery pack, boosting its total driving range from 204 to 222 miles. Besides the new EV model, we also expect a conventional, gas-powered Macan.

2022 Porsche Macan EV system

Release Date, Price

Porsche official has been quoted that production of the 2022 Macan EV will begin this year, while sales might starts next year, probably in the first quarter. Unlike the outgoing model, the new one will bring plenty of changes.

The most interesting thing is that the manufacturer only announced the EV version, while the other ones are still in consideration. Expect the EV model to costs at least $70,000, which is $20k more compared to the regular version.

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