2024 Chevy Tahoe Electric: Cozy, Powerful and Elegant


GM has been working on electrification for a long time and as a result, the company already launches a couple of new models, starting with the new Hummer EV. The all-new Chevy Silverado EV is coming as well, so the next logical question is when are we going to see a Silverado-based SUV. Of course, we are talking about the all-electric Tahoe. The two models have been in a tight relationship for a very long time when it comes to gas-powered variants. so we see no reason why the same thing wouldn’t happen in the all-electric world. Therefore, the 2024 Chevy Tahoe Electric SUV is another model that is coming.

At this moment, we don’t know much about the exact details of the 2024 Chevy Tahoe Electric. We could only rely on what we know about the all-electric Silverado, as well as on the overall design approach that characterizes the gas-powered model. As for the launch date, some sources suggest the new SUV could arrive already in the next year.

2024 Chevy Tahoe Electric ultium

Ultium platform for future GM vehicles

2024 Chevy Tahoe Electric Design

As we’ve just mentioned, although the exact details about the 2024 Chevy Tahoe Electric SUV design are still unavailable, we can refer to design characteristics that have been characterizing the ICE model for a very long time. In other words, we expect to see a typical full-size SUV layout, with dimensions typical for the segment. Moreover, we could see proportions that are pretty similar to the ICE model.

Besides dimension and the overall shape, we could also see pretty similar styling. The front end would rather follow the example of the all-electric Silverado, which features a pretty unique face that accentuates the truck’s all-electric character. The new SUV would probably feature the same face. It is characterized by super-narrow lighting groups, a closed grille and several futuristic details.

On the other hand, the mechanical aspect of the vehicle will be completely different compared to gas- and diesel-powered units. This model will be based on a completely new platform. It’s the same one that already underpins the Hummer EV, as well as the upcoming Silverado EV. The 2024 Chevy Tahoe Electric will rely on the GM’s new Ultium technology, which promises some pretty respectable design characteristics, especially when it comes to charging speed and other battery-relevant performance.

Interior Design

This is another aspect where we expect to see a tight relationship with the all-electric Silverado, particularly in terms of the dashboard design. The thing we like about this dashboard is that its design doesn’t necessarily follow the latest trends in the EV industry. Instead, the overall design is rather typical for conventional vehicles. Of course, massive screens are there, but the overall design isn’t necessarily super clean and minimalistic.

Of course, the key benefit of such a large SUV would be the interior space. Considering that the battery would be placed under the floor, passenger and cargo space wouldn’t be sacrificed. So, the overall layout should be pretty similar to the conventional model with internal-combustion engines. On other hand, all three rows of seats should be generous with space, while the cargo area should offer a respectable volume.

2024 Chevy Tahoe Electric concept

2024 Chevy Tahoe Electric Drivetrain and Specs

Naturally, this is one of the most interesting aspects of the 2024 Chevy Tahoe Electric. Considering the tight relationship with Silverado EV and Suburban, we presume that the drivetrain setup would be the same. This means we would see at least two configurations. Base models would feature a couple of electric motors with 510 horsepower and 615 pound-feet of torque. A more powerful variant should offer a max output of 664 horsepower and 780 pound-feet of torque. Besides impressive acceleration, this output should also ensure impressive towing ratings. Some sources speculate about 10.000 pounds of the max towing capacity.

As for the batter and range, we still don’t know the details. However, we presume that the 2024 Chevy Tahoe Electric will use GM’s latest Ultium battery technology and that the capacity will go around 200kWh. That should ensure over 300 miles on a single charge. Also, the benefit of this battery technology is an impressive 350-kW charging speed. This should ensure short visits to recharging stations.

2024 Chevy Tahoe Electric release date

2024 Chevy Tahoe Electric Release Date

The officials are still quiet about the 2024 Chevy Tahoe Electric. On the other hand, rumors suggest its arrival already in the next year.

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