2024 GMC Terrain Next-Gen: Redesign, Changes, and Release Date


GM prepares all kinds of novelties for the near future and if we can trust the latest reports, the new Terrain is also in the works. The current generation isn’t all that old. It’s been around since 2018 but it definitely lags behind the competition in some aspects. For example, the interior quality is questionable, while the powertrain features underwhelming power. Those are just some of the reasons why the next generation could arrive already in the next year, as the 2024 GMC Terrain.

At this point, there aren’t many details about the next-generation Terrain. The only thing we can see is a couple of rendering photos, which show a significantly different design approach, with a more rugged, off-road-ready layout. On the other hand, details about the platform, powertrain and similar things are still unknown.

GM Authority suggests that the new generation could arrive either in 2023 or 2024.

2024 GMC Terrain concept

Photo credits: GM Authority

2024 GMC Terrain Facelift

As we’ve just mentioned, there aren’t many things known about the new 2024 GMC Terrain. Still, a couple of rendering photos appeared on the network and they show a notably different desgn approach compared to the ongoing model. While the current generation features a typical crossover design, the renderings show a more rugged design approach, which should that the new Terrain could compete with models like Ford Bronco Sport.

One of the things you can see is that the imagined new model looks way more off-road-ready. It features bigger wheels, higher ground clearance, a boxier shape and, importantly, a shorter wheelbase. On the other hand, the front-end design brings a new design philosophy, with a boxy grille and super-narrow headlights. Judging by the front-end design, there is a big possibility to see the 2024 GMC Terrain with an all-electric powertrain. The rest of the SUV follows the same design philosophy. For example, the rear end comes with a thin tailgate lighting stripe that connects two vertically-oriented taillights. Also, boxy fenders clearly state that this is going to be a capable off-roader.

2024 GMC Terrain redesign

Photo credits: GM Authority

New Platform

This redesign will bring a new platform. However, the exact on is still a mystery. It all depends on the powertrain. In the case of a classic ICE design approach, we presume that the new generation would switch to the new VSS platform. More precisely, it would switch to the VSS-F platform, which means the same FF layout as in the current model, with the transversally-mounted engine and front-wheel drive. In that case, the renderings probably show an off-road version, which would come with all-wheel drive and various off-road upgrades, such as off-road suspension, skid plates, several traction control modes etc.

The other scenario suggests an all-electric setup. In that case, we would expect to see this model riding o the new BEV3 platform, with the advanced Ultium battery technology, which would ensure a respectable range, respectable charging speed and many more.


If we take the first scenario, the choice would be classic internal-combustion engines. The current generation comes with just one engine option, a 1.5-liter turbo-four with around 170 horsepower. That’s an underwhelming amount of power for sure, so we have no doubt that the next –generation would have to feature something bigger and more capable.

A familiar 2.0-liter turbo-four was already available in this crossover, but it was discontinued a few years ago. We presume it could come back and in that case, the max output would go around 235 horsepower, which is quite appropriate for an SUV like this.

We would also expect to see some improvements regarding transmission. The current 9-speed automatic works generally well, though it can be very slow to shift. The power would be sent to the front wheels once again, while the AWD system would be available.

2024 GMC Terrain interior

2024 GMC Terrain Could Go All Electric

The alternative scenario suggests an all-electric setup. We already mentioned the platform and Ultium battery technology in this case. This technology would provide some pretty advanced technical solutions, especially in terms of charging speed. For reference, the upcoming all-electric Equinox is expected to be able to add around 70 miles of range in 10 minutes.

Of course, it is still early to talk about the battery capacity but we presume that base versions would be good for about 250 miles of range. On the other hand, higher trim levels would offer a bigger battery with around 300 miles of range.

When it comes to electric motors, we presume that the Terrain would use the same motors as the upcoming all-electric Equinox. Therefore, standard models would come with a single-motor setup, with a max output of 210 horsepower. On the other hand, AWD versions would add another electric motor, while the total output would go around 290 horsepower.

2024 GMC Terrain Release Date and Price

Rumors suggest that the 2024 GMC Terrain will arrive either in the 2023 or 2024 calendar year. Details about the price are still unavailable.

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