2024 Honda Element Release Date, Specs, and Price


Once upon a time, there was a small boxy crossover from Honda, with modest dimensions but a pretty impressive level of practicality. However, the demand for crossovers at the time, wasn’t as huge as today, so the Japanese manufacturer eventually ended its production. From today’s perspective, it looks like this model was ahead of its time and nowadays, it looks like it could be a best-seller. That’s why we can find so many reports that suggest its returns. Rumors about the 2024 Honda Element have been circulating around for a long time and now, it seems like something is actually happening.

Of course, the officials are still quiet, so we will take these rumors with a big reserve. Still, that won’t stop us from imagining what the new Element would look like. The styling, interior design and technical aspect are all things we are interested in and now will are about to share our expectations with you.

2024 Honda Element concept

2024 Honda Element Design

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is the overall design. In this aspect, we don’t expect bigger surprises. Simply, the original mode is still instantly recognizable, thanks to its boxy design, so we expect nothing less from the new model. We count on the same boxy design, which offers compact dimensions and excellent maneuverability on one, and an impressive level of practicality and functionality on the other side.

Naturally, everything would be based on the brand’s new design philosophy, on the design language that characterizes the current lineup. However, keep in mind that the original Element featured a pretty unique face, which didn’t have much in common with the rest of the lineup, so w might see something similar in this case as well. To sum up, the front face may bring some surprises but the overall shape definitely won’t.

Platform, Chassis, Suspension

This might be a tricky thing to predict. The original Element was a small crossover and the new one would be too but there are two possibilities regarding mechanics and the overall technical aspect of the design. One of them is to see a new model sharing mechanics with the new HR-V. The small crossover is way more upscale than before and shares many parts with Civic. In such a scenario, the new 2024 Honda Element would probably be more expensive than we would probably expect.

So, one of the solutions would be for the 2024 Honda Element to share mechanics with the European HR-V, which still features a rather simple layout, with a more basic chassis and suspension setup. It shares most parts with the model called Jazz, with a torsion beam rather than a multi-link setup on the rear axle. Of course, that’s just tone example of how the European HR-V is simpler and how this could be the new Element’s direction if the company wants to keep the revived model affordable.

2024 Honda Element interior


The same thing is with interior design. Honda has just established a new dashboard design philosophy, which involves nicer materials, more tech features and a pretty elegant look. So, things wouldn’t be drastically different in this aspect, though we definitely expect to see a couple of funky details, which would accentuate the Element’s unique nature.

Still, the most important aspect of this model isn’t the dashboard design, but rather the spacious and practical cabin. So, the new model would also benefit from the boxy shape and offer plenty of cabin room. We also count on a lot of practical details, maybe even the same slide rear doors, which allow much easier access to the second row of seats.

2024 Honda Element Engines

The original Element was powered by the legendary K24 engine, which seems a little bit outdated by today’s standards. So, we presume that the new model would come with something more modern. Of course, the 1.5-liter turbo-four seems like a perfect pick. We are thinking of the version that puts out around 180 horsepower, which seems quite adequate for a vehicle of this size and weight. Of course, the engine would come coupled with a CVT.

Of course, electrification is another thing that comes to mind and there are few options Honda could offer with this practical crossover. We already mentioned that the new Element could share the platform with the European HR-V, which comes with a pretty efficient hybrid system. However, the problem with that system is that it puts out just 129 horsepower, which feels a little bit insufficient by American standards. So, the Japanese carmaker would probably offer a more capable system instead, the one that powers the new Civic, with a 2.0-liter Atkinson-cycle inline-four, two electric motors and a max output of 180 horsepower.

2024 Honda Element Release Date

The 2024 Honda Element is still just a rumor, while the officials are quiet. So, make sure to take these paragraphs with a big reserve, as the actual chances to see the Element in production once again are currently not too big.

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